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A fun packed evening of laughing, dancing, singing, dabbing and life changing prizes. 

One fateful night, on the dancefloor of an Ibiza superclub,  Granny
Fanny and DJ Jim Slipp collided.

She’d spent her life in bingo halls. She had big dreams of being a
caller, but settled for letting someone else handle the balls.
He’d snuck into Studio 54 at the age of 16, and didn’t emerge
again until he was 41.

They danced, they laughed, they swapped stories – and they started
to plan a revolution.

What if they smashed together bingo and a proper night out.
Big tunes, massive LOLs and life-changing prizes?

After all, the only thing better than a banging night out is a
banging night out mixed with the great game ever.

It wasn’t easy. Granny Fanny had to teach DJ Jim Slipp how to tell
his two little ducks from his two fat ladies. He had to stop her
drinking the bar dry  to calm her nerves. But they did it.

On opening night there were queues across the entire North of

DJ Jim Slipp was on the decks. Granny Fanny was dancing, drinking
and dishing out the winnings. A top comedian was on number calling duties.

The crowd had the time of their lives.

Letting loose and leaving the worries of the week at the door!

Bringing the house down whenever Jim Slipp dropped a tune!

Dancing, singing  laughing and life-changing prizes (plus loads of photos for Facebook). Made it a night to remember!

Bingo Revolution had begun.

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